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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We provide tailored hosting to suit your business requirements to ensure your website loads quickly and reliably.

JVMS provides website hosting for businesses using fast and reliable UK servers. We cater for the full range of user traffic, from low volume websites right through to terabyte per month sites. All servers operated by JVMS are contained within our secure facility at Telehouse, London. This location offers excellent access to the internet as a whole via LiNX and LoNAP peering points.

All servers feature redundant power, UPS devices and full backup generators to ensure smooth running. Our web hosting starts from £299 per annum and includes the following: Registration of 1 domain name ( One mailbox with advanced spam filtering and access to webmail 200MB of server space 5GB of data transfer per month 1 MySQL Database

We also offer additional services at extra cost.

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